Billy Gibbons announces The Jungle Show livestream | The Music Universe

Billy F Gibbons, Jimmie Vaughan, Sue Foley, Chris Layton and Mike Flanigin team for New Year’s Eve livestream

The five principals of The Jungle Show — Billy F Gibbons, Jimmie Vaughan and Sue Foley with drummer Chris Layton and Mike Flanigin — are at it again. They are the grouping of like-minded legendary musicians who — quite simply stated — have gotten together after Christmas and in advance of New Year’s Eve for the past five years at Antone’s in Austin to play the blues as the blues should be played. Out of necessity, this year’s version of TJS takes the form of a live stream event with state-of-the-art production values.

The inception of The Jungle Show was the result of a casual conversation between ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons and Austin-based B3 boss Mike Flanigin. The two had been tapped to perform at the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame induction of B.B. King. Their repertoire choice was “The Jungle,” a somewhat obscure B.B. King song that was somehow familiar to both who were joined at the event by Herman Jackson, B.B. King’s own drummer. Thereafter, Gibbons and Flanigin decided to put together an ad hoc band to pursue the B.B. King-inspired blues course with Texas guitar slinger Jimmie Vaughan, Canadian blues rocker Sue Foley and Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble’s Chris Layton recruited for the effort going forward.

“For five years consecutive years we’ve looked forward to putting The Jungle Show together between Christmas and New Year’s Eve,” Gibbons comments. “It’s been a great way for all of us to cap the old year and bring in the new in rockin’ style. Despite the reality of 2020, we were determined to keep our streak going so we’ve decided to go viral — the good kind of viral — and offer The Jungle Show to the world beyond Austin.”

“We took inspiration for calling what we do ‘The Jungle Show’ from B.B. King’s song ‘The Jungle,’” adds Vaughan. “There’s a lyric in there that truly relates to what’s going on these days: ‘I think I’ll move to the jungle people, move way out in the woods; yes, because the way things are here now, well, I ain’t doin’ myself no good.’” He added, “I look forward to playing with Sue, Chris, Mike and Billy at the end of every year and this year is no different except for the fact that, in a sense, we’ve moved the show from ‘way out in the woods’ and directly into your house.”

The stellar performance transpired at Antone’s last week as a multi-camera HD shoot with multitrack audio mixed to record quality. The show will be uplinked at four different times on New Year’s Eve to coincide with 8 pm on both US coasts, in London and Sydney. Those purchasing tickets can choose, irrespective of location, to view the event starting at any of those times and will have the right to view it again for 48 hours after starting the film.

Ticket information and times are available at where details about a VIP package and Jungle Show ticket and merchandise bundles are also available. Ticket prices, good for any one device, start at $25.