Bhad Bhabie disses Iggy Azalea on "Hi Bich" remix calls her Washed up –

Bhad Bhabie is letting the world know that she has taken over Iggy Azalea’s white girl spot in the rap industry. On her newest song “Hi Bich” the remix Bhad Bhabie calls out Iggy. Bha says “Bi**h don’t compare me to Iggy/ That old h*e is washed, and I’m lit/ Wouldn’t pay her to wash up my whip/ Bye broke bi**h, bye h*e,” Bregoli said towards the end her verse.

Do you guys think Iggy will respond or should she just ignore it. Is Bhad Bhabie right is Iggy really washed up? Check the full song below and tell us what you think