Beyonce & Jay-Z's New Album Isn't Available on Spotify or Apple Music

Beyonce & Jay-Z just dropped a surprise, 9-song album over the weekend.  But Everything Is Love won’t be available on Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music, thanks to a Tidal exclusive.

The opening track. ‘Apeshit,’ is pretty damn good.  And the video is even better.  But if you want to hear the entire album, you’ll have to be a Tidal subscriber.  Or, at least initiate a trial subscription.

That’s the deal according to Beyonce and Jay-Z, who are notorious for restricting access to their music.  Accordingly, if you want to hear Everything Is Love, a 9-song album released by ‘The Carters,’ you’ll have to play by their rules.

At present, it’s unclear how long the album will be a Tidal exclusive.

The answer might be forever, if earlier releases are any indication.  Just recently, Jay-Z severely restricted access to his solo album, 4:44, to Tidal and Sprint subscribers.  The album is still missing from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and other competing platforms.

Actually, Jay-Z has yet to license his considerable catalog to Spotify or other TIDAL competitors.  Spotify only fers a few Jay-Z tracks, and none his classic albums.

Many the Beyonce’s albums are available on Spotify, though recent releases are missing.  That includes Lemonade, released in 2016, and Beyonce, released in 2013.

On Tidal, the royal couple are heavily promoting their new release.  The Everything Is Love album cover has taken over, where users are prompted to either log in, or start a trial subscription.

We’ve heard that six-month trial subscriptions are being fered, though online, the trial period is clearly 30 days.  That resembles Tidal’s exclusive for Kanye West’s Life Pablo, though West ultimately abandoned Tidal (and Jay-Z) following a serious accounting dispute.  Just recently, West broadly released his 7-song album, ye, and enjoyed chart-topping stream counts.

The Carters are unlikely to see that level success, given the limited user base Tidal.

Instead hundreds millions users, Tidal reaches approximately 1 million — at best.  And that figure is according to Tidal, a company currently mired in accounting fraud allegations.

The heavily-restricted album could also create problems on the touring front, especially given the important link between streaming and touring receipts.

+ Beyonce & Jay-Z Tickets Selling for Just 6 Euros In Italy

Last year, Jay-Z’s 4:44 tour suffered from bargain-price tickets and disappointing sales.  Similarly, Beyonce & Jay-Z’s power-couple tour is encountering problems in Europe, with empty sections in Scotland and 6 euro tickets spotted in Italy.  The suggests a link between limited streaming access and weaker attendance figures.

There is one nugget being given away, however.  The lead single is available on YouTube, and it’s a juicy teaser.  The track features the duo prancing around the Louvre after hours, with an incredible beat and cameos from various Migos.  Almost makes you want to subscribe to Tidal.