Benny The Butcher Was Hospitalized For An Asthma-Related Issue

Benny The Butcher is currently on his The Burden Of Plugs Tour, which began earlier this month and is set to end on November 19 in Austin, Texas. Things have been going well for Benny, but that streak came to an end when the rapper was forced to postpone Wednesday night’s show after he was hospitalized for an asthma-related issue.

According to Complex, Benny’s hospitalization was not triggered by anything COVID-19-related. A representative for Benny told Complex said that, due to his asthma, “every now and again he requires medical attention.” Benny himself also spoke about the matter in an Instagram post. “Hang on to your tickets and we will notify all ticket holders of the new show date as soon as it is confirmed,” he wrote next to an image of him in the hospital. It remains to be seen whether or not his hospitalization will affect future dates.

During an interview with Vice last year, Benny spoke about dealing with his health condition in the middle of a global pandemic. “I got asthma, I’m keeping up with my asthma, I got my doctor on speed dial,” he said. “It’s just learning new things, man. Staying hydrated. Trying to put the right things inside our body, because we’re smoking, drinking, putting other shit in our body, so we gotta put some good shit in there, too. Looking out for each other, trying to stay healthy.”