Ben Ritz debuts on Sweat Equity with Trope Insurance

“A serrated alien funk”.

Ben Ritz will share his debut album on New York’s Sweat Equity, home to some of NY’s most exciting vanguard artists such as Deli Girls and drumloop.

The label has premiered the lead single ‘Transition Piece’ Bergsonist’s marvelously mutable publishing platform BIZAARBAZAAR, which you can stream below.

The drums are gently relentless. The transitions are swift. Synths zip all about like laser beams. That eponymous transition arrives about mid-way through the track — a small dance break, a glass of cold water, a breath of fresh air outside — before the beat ramps back up again to lead us out on its snappy end.

Trope Insurance will be released on USB and digital formats on September 27 Sweat Equity.

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