Ben Frost and MFO draw inspiration from the depths of the ocean

Berlin artist Marcel Weber channelled the raw power of the ocean for the immersive staging for the noise artist’s 2017 live show.

For our very first online residency we gave you a glimpse into the multidisciplinary audiovisual practice of Marcel Weber, aka MFO. Today, we present his 2017 collaboration with one of his most frequent collaborators, Ben Frost.

Back in 2017 the Australian composer and producer released The Centre Cannot Hold, his fifth studio album and his first produced by Steve Albini. For that record’s immersive live show, Frost drew inspiration from the constant flux and movement on the ocean, enlisting the talents of MFO to translate this dream into reality.


Using a combination of mirror foil, on-stage light, smoke and wind effects, as well as projections of heavily processed oceanic imagery captured during various trips on the North Sea to the island of Heligoland and to Nørre Vorupør on Denmark’s coastline, Weber was able to channel the raw power of the ocean into an immersive live experience.


For more information about Marcel Weber, head over to his website and follow him on Instagram.

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