AZ you were

“Down in the tombs 30 years can bring a n*gga to tears
Neutralised, numb and scared, can you imagine you there?
I’m elsewhere, my chick pussy pretty, shaped like a pear
Her derrière make a queer n*gga sit there and stare
This is the year, since the ball dropped been ballin’ on top
Then came the Kobe death, Covid, and cops”

AZ – Different
(From Different single; 2020)

Son, who laced you with the ill Soul-crack? Been testing this one for the past week and my conclusion is that it’s categorically the best original AZ song since We Movin’. Some non-fancy 70’s baby New York Rap that’s still flyer than Aladdin’s magic carpet. Bite ya lip, let’s hope Doe Or Die 2 sounds like this.

Be rude not to discreetly add this to my 2020 songs list.