Awkwafina And Danny DeVito Take A Wild Ride Through The Internet In ‘Discord: The Movie’

With the onset of the pandemic and an extended period of isolation last year, many people turned to online communities and digital platforms in a new ay for a sense of community and connection. So it’s not surprising that one such digital community center, Discord, has been going mainstream in recent months. Even if you’ve never heard of Discord, plenty of your favs are already using it to connect with fans or fellow artists. Grimes recently launched her own server on the site and used it to tease new music, and multi-hyphenate rapper, actress and comedian Awkwafina is a big proponent of the platform, too.

So much so, that Nora from Queens is starring in a new ad that attempts to explain the extremely online concept of digital networking to the rest of the world — as summed up by the one and only Danny DeVito. In the clip, which was dubbed with the tongue-in-cheek name Discord: The Movie, Nora takes Danny with her on a wild ride through the servers, while users pop in here and there to tell their stories. With a cameo from J Balvin — and obviously, Grimes — among many others, the clip is a feel-good look at what the best of the internet can be. And Awkwafina is always a to watch no matter what she’s doing. Check it out above.