Avicii's Tragic Death Was a Suicide

It now appears that superstar DJ Avicii has committed suicide, based on a statement received from the DJ’s family.

It looks like Tim Bergling, known to the world as Avicii, took his own life last week.

Earlier, Oman Police indicated that no foul play was suspected in the DJ’s death.  That narrowed the possibilities to either a substance-related complicated, an extreme accident, or suicide.  At that point, Bergling’s family merely requested privacy as they dealt with the sudden tragedy.

Bergling was just 28 at the time his passing.  He attempted to retire from DJing and intense touring at 26, but ultimately felt heavy pressures to return.  Perhaps the warning signs were glaringly obvious: in a documentary released last year, Bergling stated that the relentless pressure to continue would — quite literally — kill him.  “I have said, ‘Like, I’m going to die’. I have said it so many times,” Bergling said.

Here’s a statement issued by the family.  We have not been able to gain any further clarification.