Audio of Shotti jail call to DJ Akademiks revealing he did not have sex with 6ix9ine baby mom Sara Molina

Since 6ix9ine has been home from prison he has been using one main excuse for snitching on Shotti, Mel Murda and other Blood Gang members. That excuse has been Shotti who was at the time 6ix9ines Manager and Friend having sex with 6ix9ine’s baby mother Sara Molina. Shotti after hearing the interview Akademiks did with 6ix9ine and Wack100 felt the urge to call into Akademiks and tell his side of the story. Shotti says he never had sex with Sara and said he would not lie on his dick especially for something he basically got 15 years in prison for. He also challenged 6ix9ine to box his son for $1.5 Million. Check the call out below!

Shotti phone call with Akademiks: