Audio of Kids Walkie Talkie picking up LAPD officers laughing at Nipsey Hussle death and saying Nipsey mother looks like a man

This audio is so disturbing and disgusting! The audio comes from a kids walkie-talkie and it picks up the radio frequency the LAPD. On the walkie-talkie you can hear Police ficers in disgust during Nipsey Hussle’s funeral laugh and seem to be pissed f with all the fan out pour and love Nipsey got. The ficers also call Nipsey’s mother ugly, saying she looks like a man to them. Since this audio has been released the LAPD has acknowledged it and promise to discipline the ficers saying the disgusting things! Check out the link below for a live listen!

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I purposely didn’t post this yesterday (which was when I learned about it) because I REFUSED to take away or sabotage the Beauty Of Nipsey Hussle’s Celebration Of Life Yesterday. I felt like as a respected outlet, I did owe that to Nipsey and his family. He truly was sent f like a king 👑 and this or anything else will never be able to take away from that. That being said it’s a new day so I feel like it’s ‘just a little’ more appropriate, if that. ➡️Im showing you guys this to show WHY The Marathon HAS to continue. This Footage surfaced online yesterday from a Los Angeles father claiming that his son’s walkie-talky ‘allegedly’ picked up LAPD Radio Frequencies. While listening, he hears the ‘alleged’ LAPD Officers disrespecting family #NipseyHussle while he’s being buried. Late last night, The LAPD publicly denounced any claims that the racist person(s) heard on the LA father’s son’s walkie-talkie during #NipseyHussle funeral had any type connetion with ‘Law Enforcement’ .. Nonetheless whoever IS on the other end the radio is nonetheless a danger to LA.. whether police or just the everyday “causal racist”. The full version is posted on my Twitter, where the N-WORD is also clearly heard. Again, this is why we can’t just sit back and “Relax” now. I really want to encourage the black people LA to be safe & aware & productive #TheMarathonContinues

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