Audio of Alpo’s last interview saying People of Harlem was scared of him & he is not scared to die

Alpo Martinez is one of the most interesting drug king pins from the 1980’s era of Harlem. Alpo was known for his fly flashy style, but more importantly from his ruthless mindset of killing any and everyone in his way which could be friends or enemies. Alpo has been record for killing his best friend and business partner Harlem legend Rich Porter; because Alpo says Rich raised the price on him for key’s or cocaine. Alpo also is on record for killing Brooklyn legend Demencio “Montana” Benson over a girl. Well finally it seems karma has caught Alpo in of all places Harlem! Alpo was murdered yesterday in Harlem after being shot several times while in his pickup truck.

Before his murder Alpo did a interview with Queenzflip. Check it out below and tell us what you think!

Alpo’s last interview before being killed: