Asian Doll responds to King Von’s manager 100K interview with Akademiks calling him a liar

Asian Doll has responded to the internet breaking interview that King Von’s manager 100K Management did with Akademiks yesterday. Asian Doll said “He really runnin’ his mouth. Everything he sayin’, that ain’t s***,” Asian Doll. “Nobody was there. None of us was there. Nobody was there. We saw it. Everybody saw it. Why the f*** do you feel you gotta come at the girlfriend? The whole world said something about y’all. Not just me. Not just f***** me.”

“Who the f*** wanna go through some shit like this?” she continued. “Who wanna go — who wanna see they n**** get killed on camera? And people run. Who want to see that shit? Don’t nobody want to see that s***. And I would’ve never left his side…and everything happens for a reason because I’m alive and I’m here to speak the fucking truth. And you n***** need to shut the f*** up if y’all ain’t gon’ go step or do something — stop comin’ for me! Go do somethin’. Stop trying to put pieces together and say what started the beef. Stop f***** playin’ because y’all know.”