Arturia launches new $349 analog drum machine, DrumBrute Impact

The new DrumBrute model features an FM drum voice.

Arturia is releasing a new version its sub-$500 DrumBrute analog drum machine. The DrumBrute Impact is even less expensive than the original, coming in at just $349 compared to the original’s $499.

One the main differences between the DrumBrute Impact and the original (apart from the price and smaller size) is the inclusion an FM drum voice, which is joined by nine other drum sounds: a kick, two snares, high and low toms, cymbal, cowbell and closed and open hi-hats.

Another addition is a new “color layer”, which allows you to add sequenceable per-instrument effects. It also has distortion on the output and features a 64-step sequencer with a song mode capable programming polyrhythms.

It also has four individual audio outputs for recording individual channels and can be synced MIDI, USB and clock. As with the previous DrumBrute, the sequencer can be used to add swing, rolls, accents and more to patterns.

The DrumBrute Impact lands in August and is the latest several new products to be launched by Arturia this year. In January, the French company dipped its toes into the Eurorack market with the RackBrute case range and released the semi-modular MiniBrute 2 and 2S synths.

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