aku shows off his creativity in new music video “rose gold in paris town”

Singer-songwriter aku recently dropped the music video for one of his most highly acclaimed singles “rose gold in paris town”. The already popular song is now enriched with incredibly unique visuals that exceed all expectations. Even the most unconnected images seem to make absolute sense in the context of “rose gold in paris town” that has almost a hundred thousand views on YouTube already. 

The artist embarked on his journey in the music industry in 2020. Since then he has released seven great songs that are much loved by his audience, including  “Time Away”, “Forever”, and “Lost in Heaven Space”. The way he formulates a rhyme scheme expresses more than just the minimal amount of words said at the same time diversifying between multiple genres and melodic flows through either rapping or singing. 

Distinctly urban, aku’s music is full of truth and humor which makes it perfect for listeners to relate to. Poetic lyrics and extraordinary music are aku’s staple and will continue to draw more attention to the artist and his work. 

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