Akademiks calls Meek Mill a liar about Karen Civil says she paid for a video of Meek beating a girl to disappear

Youtube blogger and music industry snitch DJ Akademiks went on his twitch to speak on the cancel Karen Civil culture. Akademiks revealed that Karen saved Meeks career when she made a video disappear that showed Meek Mill assaulting a women beating her down.

Despite never working with Karen Civil directly, Akademiks said that he knows how hard she goes for artists she represents. “The type of chick Karen is, she’s a scrappy b*tch who saves artists. I’ve seen her save artists,” he said. “She begs platforms like mine, ‘Don’t embarrass n*ggas.’ She’s worked for Nicki, Nicki’s a f*cked up human being. She’s tried to make her seem personable. That’s all I’m sayin’ my n*gga.”

“Anytime I’ve had interactions with her, she’s makin’ f*cked up artists look better. I’m telling you,” Ak continued. “People who do sh*t—Meek got, apparently, somebody got Meek on video beatin’ up a chick, bro! That video never came out! Who made that sh*t never [come] out? Karen, bro!… All of these n*ggas, they need somebody like that because they make mistakes, they f*ck up, they do human sh*t.”

Video of Akademiks speaking on Karen & Meek: