A Snoop Dogg Lookalike Has Captured People’s Hearts After Posing With A Fan’s Oblivious Mom

A fan’s photo of his mom posing with a Snoop Dogg lookalike has gone viral on Twitter as users crack wise about the man’s resemblance to the rapper and the mom’s apparent obliviousness. @matchu_chutrain posted the photo with a caption that read, “I’ve been in LA for a year and haven’t seen a single celebrity. My mom comes for a weekend and meets Snoop Dogg.” Unfortunately, it appears he’s neglected to let her know that the person she thinks is Snoop is actually not the rapper — but he looks close enough to prompt a double-take. To be fair, Snoop is a mom-approved favorite.

As fans shared the photo (currently upwards of 215,000 likes and only 500 retweets away from 10,000), the reactions built on each other as people found parallels between the Snoop lookalike situation and the plot of Marvel’s Disney Plus series Loki, joking that the man in the photo must be a “variant” or alternate version of the rapper. The original poster joked that he wanted everyone to stop pointing out that it wasn’t the rapper because “My mom’s gonna be heartbroken the next time she logs onto Twitter.” One person even posted the lookalike posing with Snoop, offering up a photo that might make your eyes cross.

Check out more responses below. Meanwhile, you can catch the real Snoop Dogg — and maybe the imposter too? — at his Once Upon A Time In LA Festival this autumn.