6ix9ine and his Blood gang crew are doing show in San Antonio despite being banned by Latino Gang there – HipHopHotness.com

6ix9ine and his Blood gang crew seem to laugh at any and everyone who puts a ban on them. 6ix9ine just got back from LA where people went on social media banning him but nothing came it and he still showed up. Now 6ix9ine sets his attention on San Antonio, Texas where he has a show at. Earlier in the week the biggest latino gang in San Antonio the Versace Boyz put a no fly zone for 6ix9ine there.

Well 6ix9ine’s right hand man who is also the leader the blood gang in New York let it be known that they will be there in San Antonio collecting that bag they are for a show 6ix9ine has. Check the videos below and tell us what you think. Is 6ix9ine pressing his luck with disregarding all these threats on his life?

6ix9ine’s protection & leader the NYC Bloods says they are coming

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Latino Gang in San Antonio Versace Boyz banning 6ix9ine

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