$6,000 Worth of DJ Gear Was Snatched From The XX's Afterparty

CDJs, mixer, headphones, and lighting were stolen.

Jamie XX, Romy, and Jono Ma (The XX) hosted an afterparty in which $6,000 worth gear was stolen. The secret event was to celebrate and wrap up their Australian tour.

Hosted at The Domain in Sydney, Australia, a crooked individual (or individuals) snatched a massive amount gear. That includes CDJs, mixers, headphones, and lighting.  All which caused the party to come to a grinding halt at around 6:30am after the promoters noticed the gear was gone.

“In the early hours Sunday] morning (around 6:30am) someone stole our CDJs, mixer, headphones and lights… over $6,000 equipment,” Siberia Records stated in a Facebook post.

Everything was free, including entry.

The after party, named S3cret D00f part Deux, had free entry for all the guests. “If we would have charged normally for a party like this the ticket price would’ve been tons… We lugged equipment for two kilometers in and out there this morning across a live rifle range,” stated the event’s organizers.

The performers — The XX, Stella Mozgawa, Caius Pawson, Daniel Stricker, and Jimmy Sing — all performed at the event for free.

With a mirage artists performing, attendees danced on to a plethora music, including disco, dancehall, and afro-beat until the promoters discovered that their gear was gone.

There’s always that one person(s) that has to ruin the fun for everyone.

Providing a helping hand.

Siberia Records is asking the nearly 400 guests (or those that are willing to lend a helping hand) to make a donation “ $15 to $20” their PayPal email address to help allete the costs and get their gear returned.