50 Cent in 2014 accepted 700 Bitcoins as payment for his album "Animal Ambition" today those Bitcoins are worth $7.7 Million – HipHopHotness.com

You know that age old saying “The Rich Get Richer”? Well today 50 Cent memory made him roughly $7.7 Million dollars richer. Back in 2014 50 released his Animal Ambition album. One payment method 50 accepted was Bitcoin. Back then the coin was worth roughly $1 dollar. Well as today those 700 Bitcoins are worth $7.7 Million. When we asked 50 how he forgot that he had 700 bitcoin in his portfolio he laughed it f, but then replied all his legal trouble really had him un-focused on stuff like that.

50 told us that he was going over finances for Animal Ambition last night when he stumbled upon the 700 in bitcoin payments he received. Check a video below the whole deal below

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