50 Cent clowns Floyd Mayweather Jr for getting facial hair transplant to get full beard

They say time heals all wounds, well not in the 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. beef. Photos have been circualting of Floyd Mayweather with some new hair on his head and his face. In a since-deleted Instagram post, 50 posted a photo of Mayweather sporting his new beard and wrote, “He took hair from his a** and put it on his face. LOL WTF is really going on champ?”

Since the post Floyd Mayweather has not yet denied or accepted the fact that he had a beard transplant done. Check out the photo below 50 post and tell us what you think!

50 Cent deleted post on Floyd Mayweather:
50 Cent Makes Fun of Floyd Mayweather For Getting a Beard Transplant - HipHopOverload.com