:3lON shares single ‘Aria of Resilience’ via UNSEELIE

“Industrial and classical elements re-contextualize a 500-year-old melody in the age of digital fantasy.”

:3lON has shared a romantically whimsical new single ‘Aria of Resilience’ New York collective UNSEELIE.

The song continues the Baltimore-based artist’s ongoing exploration into future-human themes that heavily pull from the textures and timbres of classic anime and fantasy RPG.

As :3lON writes, “The lyrics were written from the perspective of a character in a medieval fantasy realm that has awakened to find that the person they care for has left to fight for their kingdom.”

The track was produced by fellow Baltimore-based musician Sentinel and was built around a harp sample derived from musical notes painted on a body in Hieronymus Bosch’s classic painting Garden of Earthly Delights.

‘Aria of Resilience’ follows :3lON’s debut EP Ronin released in 2016 Nina Pop and precedes an upcoming record for Halcyon Veil.

‘Aria of Resilience’ is out now. Check out the cover art by German artist XOF below.

:3lON shares single ‘Aria of Resilience’  UNSEELIE

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