Conclusive proof that Humpty Hump put the fun into funky via Digital Underground & 2Pac’s performance of Same Song in the long-forgetten Dan Aykroyd movie Nothing But Trouble. Highlights include 2Pac in his very first movie appearance pretending to sing the hook, lowlights include Aykroyd as a decrepit Scottish judge who looks like a melted Xmas candle.

Nothing But Trouble is categorically not a good movie. It is, however, a pretty bizarre movie, so a performance of Digital Underground’s other song from the soundtrack would have fit right in; Tie The Knot is a song that nobody other than Digital Underground could have ever made and plz believe that’s nuttin’ but a compliment.

Both Same Song and Tie The Knot later appeared on Digital Underground’s This Is An EP Release, which was one of young Marty’s favourite tapes of 1991. Bugs me out that EP came out 30 years ago this summer because it’s older than some of this blog’s readers. Shout out Norma Desmond – I’m not old, it’s the people that got young.