2Dee Drops ‘No Fear’: Absolute Fire

After his captivating hit ‘Love Again’, rapper 2Dee is back with a new fierce track titled ‘No Fear’.

Listen to ‘No Fear’ below.

A mesmerizing piano intro that lingers throughout the song along with a sick beat, “No Fear” sounds like another smash! 2Dee’s raw energy and wordplay remain solid as he delivers a quite different message than his previous works like ‘Love Again’ and ‘Ride 4 me’.

The song comes after 2Dee talked about upcoming new projects in an intriguing interview after his successful release of ‘Love Again’. With more than 100K Spotify streams, ‘Love Again’ is sure a fan favorite. 

Born in Haiti, 2Dee is a self-taught artist, who not only writes his songs but also learned how to master, mix and produce his music as well. 2Dee is certainly motivated. He clearly has set his focus to be out there at the top and he’s aiming high.