Skaa’s New Video for Track “Kilimanjaro” is Gaining Traction – FAST!

Boston-based artist Skaa has just released an intoxicating music video for his new track “Kilimanjaro” and it is quickly catching fire across the realm of hip-hop music. His ability to quickly grab the attention of his listeners comes from his natural, smooth voice mixed with edgy beats. Skaa was living in the Philippines for most of his life which has brought him a diverse creativity to construct the lyrics in his raps. His worldwide experience will bring him to the next level in the rap game. Skaa has the perfect, deep tone of voice to mix traditional rap and trap, creating a foolproof combination that will continue his fast-paced rise to the top.  

Watch Skaa’s new video for “Kilimanjaro” below and keep up with the rest of his tracks on SoundCloud.