New Face Of Gospel Music: King James III ‘raps’ to the soul


Gospel Music is taken to a whole other level with King James III, a collaborative collection of three emcees (JG, Kay, and Neezy). King James III brings a different sound, different vibes and different personalities to Gospel Music. What sets them apart is that they stay true to the CHRISTIAN part of their music, a component which is usually taken for granted once a Gospel Music Band gains popularity. Their music is always genuine and they rap from the heart and soul.

KJ3 talk openly of their struggles and difficulties, but the key part of their message is that they know their lives are a work in progress and they are always striving to live a life of Christ, even with all of the ups and downs.

Their first single “Oh God”, was an Amazon Christian Single Best Seller.

Their second single “TLSID” produced by Curtis “Marv” Johnson, debuted on the Billboard Gospel Digital Sales chart at # 6.

Their third  single, “IJWPH”, featuring Grammy nominated artist Canton Jones, proves once again that King James III has a sound like no other.


Their fourth single “Let It Go” connects with listeners on a cerebral and spiritual level, and is an honest expression of the emotions involved with finding the strength to make changes and to get out of a bad situation. King James III has collaborated with Ray J on the “Let It Go” remix with the remarkable Sha Sha Jones. Her soulful vocals are a perfect contrast to the edgier approach of the King James III sound. Their newest single is a self-liberating proclamation to the world. Simply stating that it is ok to believe in yourself and your faith simultaneously.

The new single “Doin Me” featuring Grammy nominated J. Moss, finished its first week with over 1500 sales.